"Before the Wind" will be released in April 2016.

"Before the Wind" is big-hearted novel about a gifted and volatile family obsessed with sailing. Set in Seattle, Victoria and Olympia, much of the novel unfolds on the water in this two-decade odyssey of the Johannssen family.

Advance acclaim from U.S. novelists:

"Glorious. Put a rambunctious family clan of misfits and genius sailors in Jim Lynch's masterful hands, and what you get is a gorgeous, full-bodied novel that contains pretty much all of life, from the agonies of online dating and boat repair to Einstein's sublime quest for a `simple and beautiful' unifying theory of everything."
--Ben Fountain, "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk"

"From the first paragraph I was hooked by Jim Lynch's language, his humor, his wisdom. The characters are marvelous, the storytelling confident and rollicking; the whole book a delight and a surprise."
--Maria Semple, "Where'd You Go, Bernadette?"

“To the land-bound, sailing has always seemed to be the perfect marriage of science and poetry. This makes Jim Lynch the perfect writer for this story—the story of a family with an outlaw brother, a magical sister, and a legacy of wind, water, and sail. Lynch brings his usual gifts—a wide-ranging mind, an ear for precise but musical language, empathy, intelligence, and imagination—to what may be his best yet. I so loved this book!”
—Karen Joy Fowler, Jane Austen's Book Club

"Jim Lynch does for sailing what "A River Runs Through It" did for fly-fishing. A family whose religion is sea, wind and motion. All the complexities and exhilarations of family, failure and the ties that hold us together set to the addictive rush of hulls slicing through water. A beautiful book that smells of the sea with every turn of the page."
-- Luis Alberto Urrea, "Hummingbird's Daughter"

Advance Praise in Canada

"Jim Lynch understands families. He knows how they can fracture and pull apart, and how (sometimes grudgingly, sometimes awkwardly) they can fit back together. His latest, magnificent novel is about a lot of things, sailing most notably—but the primary and, to me, most exceptional quality of Before the Wind is its abiding, wise, and deeply empathetic understanding of family. Having finished it, I felt a profound intimacy with the Johanssens and wished I could have spent just a little more time in their fierce, obsessive, beautiful world."
--Craig Davidson, Scotiabank Giller Prize nominated author of Cataract City.