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Aug 6, speaking at Northwest Librarian Association gathering in Vancouver, WA

Sept. 12, Counseling aspiring writers at fundraiser on Bainbridge Island

Oct. 2, reading at Hugo House in Seattle

Oct 3, speaking at Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association in Portland, OR

Truth Like the Sun, his third novel, is available in paperback. Awards for his prior two novels, The Highest Tide and Border Songs, include the Indie Choice Honor Book Award, the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Award and the Washington State Book Award. Truth Like the Sun was picked by NY Times reviewer Janet Maslin as one of her 10 favorite books of 2012. For more, go to the bio page

Lynch's next novel, "Before the Wind" will be released in April 2016. Publisher Alfred A. Knopf is calling it his "long awaited breakthrough."

Praise for Truth Like the Sun, released 2012 in hardback, 2013 in paperback

"Gimmick-free and uncategorizable, this is just a flat-out great read " -- Janet Maslin, NY Times

"Truth Like the Sun is the sort of fast-paced, excellent storytelling you don’t want to end." -- Los Angeles Review of Books

"Flashes of literary brilliance" -- The New Zealand Herald

NY Times: Truth one of reviewer's top 10 faves of 2012

Truth Like the Sun was a finalist for the 2012 Dashiell Hammett Prize

Critics liken "Truth Like the Sun" to the TV show Mad Men and to movie classics about American power and corruption -- "Chinatown," "Citizen Kane" and "All the Presidents Men."

"The poetic intensity of Lynch's descriptions perfectly balances the relentless pace of a novel that never loses its grip." -- The Christian Science Monitor

"Flashes of literary brilliance. ... This is Jim Lynch's rare skill -- his people start off mildly stereotypical, then a few brilliant touches individualise them sharply." -- The New Zealand Herald

“A rich and engaging tale, with complex characters and a plot seamlessly interwoven with the history of Seattle [and] also the topics of ambition, corruption, the Cold War, and big-time newspaper journalism on the wane. The protagonists are a flawed and likeable pair that grudgingly admire each other, and the truth turns out to be elusive, often obscured by the clouds of memory and the need to sell newspapers. Anyone interested in the city, political intrigue stories, or just plan good writing should enjoy this book.” -- The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"A tremendously entertaining yet serious political novel ... A treasure house of delights. ... I dislike terms like `instant classic' but this comes awfully close." -- Edmonton Journal

"Enveloping and propulsive ... There is much marveling to be done as 'Truth Like the Sun' unfolds ... with a whiff of that other unclassifiable classic, the movie Chinatown. .... It is impossible not to hurtle through Truth Like the Sun.... Roger Morgan is that wonder of wonders -- an original flesh and blood creation." Janet Maslin, New York Times

"An entertaining, and ultimately enlightening novel about American boosterism and corruption in a city on the rise. ... Quite intimate and engaging." Alan Cheuse on NPR's "All Things Considered"

"Although he grew up in Seattle, Lynch was born just a few months before the fair opened, so he brings no personal memories to the city’s seminal event. Nonetheless, he does a fantastic job of re-creating that explosion of civic boosterism, scientific mania and celebrity fawning. " -- The Washington Post

“A consummate stylist…. The obvious cultural touch point for Lynch’s novel is Citizen Kane, [and} readers are confronted with the American obsession with ambition in all its tarnished glory.” – The Independent [U.K.]

The Seattle Times called it "addictive." The Oregonian likened it to John Steinbeck's fiction and called it “A swirling portrait of a place, like many a Western city, that’s equal parts hucksterism, genuine civilizational hope, profiteering racket and progressive mecca, Truth Like the Sun deserves attention and will reward reflection.”

"This is a super thriller that effortlessly moves back and forth between the Cold War era World's Fair and the age of the Dotcom buble burst in Seattle." -- The Mystery Gazette

"A dazzling new novel ... Lynch is masterful in contrasting this tale of the same city in two different eras." -- Bellingham Herald

"Lynch take the drizzly history of modern Seattle and spins it into this colorful novel." -- Entertainment Weekly.

And down in Australia, Jon Page, a reviewer for the ABC affiliate in Sidney, said, "This is a brilliant book that jumps between the idealism and nostalgia of the 60's and the cynical and cut-throat world of the early 2000's. It is a look at how a city works both now and then. The hands that need to be shaken, the backs scratched and their consequences. It is about wanting to do the right thing in a world where the right thing has shifted and is no longer clear. I loved this book from the opening lines to the poignant, beautiful end."

Amazon.com picked Truth Like the Sun as Book-of-the-Month for April. An excerpt of the novel appeared in this month's Seattle Met magazine. Jim is now touring with the novel.

Set in Seattle during the 1962 World's Fair and also in 2001, Truth Like the Sun is described by its publisher, Knopf, as a "classic, hugely entertaining political novel about a city on the make."

Early praise from acclaimed authors:

"Jim Lynch writes of the city where I live with great brio and persuasiveness. The joinery between the two halves of the narrative [1962 and 2001] is seamless. His handling of the light, just-between-friends style of routine civic graft in the 1960s seems dead-on, and his only-slightly alternative history of the city is at least as plausible as the official version. His people live and breathe on the page. I was engrossed throughout." -- Jonathan Raban, Seattle novelist and essayist, author of Waxwings.

"Often funny and sometimes devastating but always to the point, TRUTH LIKE THE SUN reflects back on the 1962 World's Fair that put Seattle on the map. With the keen eye of the journalist he was and the nimbleness of the novelist he has become, Jim Lynch provides a thought-provoking fictional portrait of a city on the make and its somewhat tarnished tribe of civic strivers." --Ivan Doig, author of Whistling Season and House of Sky.

"Truth Like the Sun, read after Jim Lynch's celebrated Highest Tide, confirms the tidal wave of his talent. Set again in the Pacific Northwest he has explored in such depth and variety, this is a city story all the way. Ambition, payoff, anxiety, payback, decadence and revenge dominate Seattle's story during the World's Fair of 1962 and thirty-nine years later, during the crest of the dot.com boom and not many weeks before the World Trade Center--the Other Coast's Space Needle--endured the mother of all collapses. Lynch's power of concentration depends on his respect for quiddities. His detailing of the moment-to-moment strategems of a reporter stalking a political big-foot, and of the big-foot's bravura evasions--the hunt proceeding throughout the storied and exotic environment of any right-minded person's favorite city--is thrilling." -- Geoffrey Wolff, Pulitzer finalist author of Duke of Deception

"Flashes of literary brilliance" -- The New Zealand Herald

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"Addictive" -- The Seattle Times
"Splendid, funny, remarkable novel" -- Providence Journal
"Irresistible" -- The Los Angeles Times